What a great evening of fun, friends and a bit of healthy rivalry at this year’s annual Parlauf in Westville on Friday! Westville AC were brilliant hosts as always and be sure never to miss out on this again.

Paarlauf is not a very commonly used form of running, but can be a fun way of training with significant benefits. Literally it means “pair run”, but is basically a relay which can be done with two or more people. The relay comprises of one of the team running whilst the others rest, before they get to go again.

Often a gentle jog is put in, between efforts, back to the changeover point, for the recovering athlete(s). If teams are evenly matched this can produce a competitive element into a training session. Paarlauf is a very good way to work the lactate shuttle energy system within the body.

This year we had a second overall in the 4th Race (Men/mixed) with the young and bright future Siya Phewa teamed with our silver Comrades medalist Innocent Nyawose! Excellent running

Our juniors did very very well:

  • Malwande and Amy third in girls under12
  • Arielle 7th in race 1
  • Brenna and Hanna first female team in race 2
  • Mia and her partner first in the mixed team!!

for full results: bit.ly/Parlauf19