Ryan Grobbelaar 7th Thursday
Craig Barclay 8th Friday
Sanette Henderson 12th Tuesday
Leslie Naidoo 14th Thursday
Leigh Branders 18th Monday
Stephen Humphreys 20th Wednesday
Veloshnee Dhaver 21st Thursday
Lynne Pienaar 22nd Friday
Johan Rautenbach 22nd Friday
Theresa van Wyk 22nd Friday
Riana Jackson 22nd Friday
Zamokwakhe Mngadi 25th Monday
Fay Rautenbach 25th Monday
Sthokozo Shange 25th Monday

Wishing you all a well paced birthday and awesome year ahead!

#proudtobeblue #burrarunner

Thank you for being the reason we are a club and sticking with us.