Hey everyone

We hope you have had a brilliant week. Just some updates for you:

Please see as very important, the below presentation of your race number over your licence number. Please be aware that if you cover the sponsor of the licence you can be disqualified. If you win a prize, this will cancel that out. It seems like a small thing, but treat it as important! Below is a picture to show the correct way:


What else:

  • Comrades  Marathon Substitution process is under way with hundreds starting to give up their entries. Make sure you do it right:


  • Comrades in 3 days buses are available on a  first come first serve basis:


  • Stella Royal Results!! Well done to our athletes who braved the best running weather in the rain, some especially after doing BLR the day before:


  • Remember 2018 licences no longer apply. To get your new licence and join the most awesome running club go here—->